About WIBBC 

We are thrilled that you have found us and know that you will thrive in our networking community here at the Women in Business Book Club.

We're not just about books, our mission is to build a diverse network of women who inspire one another through shared knowledge and experiences. Our network will allow you to promote, share and advertise your skills and business, build brand awareness and meet people whom you may not have crossed paths with otherwise.

Here you will find blogs and articles for personal and professional development alongside top tips for giving yourself much-needed downtime!

We will hold events in which you can network, discuss books and courses you’ve enjoyed and promote who you are and what you do with a bunch of amazing women! Ultimately, we creating a safe space where ambition, confidence, and personal growth can thrive.

This is your club, your hub, your safe space to network, to grow, and to develop. Please use our forum as your own ‘water cooler’ to ask each other questions, share experiences, successes, and knowledge. If you need to vent, release, or be excited; this is your space.

If you’re planning a meeting or next venture or struggling to juggle books, babies, careers, studying, and relationships; we can all work through it together. Use this platform, lean into each other.

‘Individually we are powerful; collectively, we become exceptional’


Mary Ball 


Dominique Dale

Marketing Executive

Meet The Women Behind WIBBC


Mary Ball 



Lucy Hillier