About Lucy

As a child, I would be reading constantly, my head forever in a book. Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl were my favourites, alongside History and English books where I could delve into the past and learn how people, places and products began. I was obsessed with my desk, my typewriter and my calligraphy set. My family would joke that wherever we went, we had to visit a gift shop to get me another set of stationery. I would always be found in a quiet corner, writing and reading, I even wrote my own autobiography at the tender age of 10!


I was introduced to the business world at a young age by my father who ran a Photographic Press Agency. He would talk to me about projects, deals and meetings. I watched him closely over the years, harnessing robust relationships, constantly growing and learning from others. He was a good man, he believed in equality and taught me the importance of agility. Business is ever-evolving and we, as people, should be too. 


I have worked hard and lived in America, London and South Africa. Experiencing the diverse cultures and working in each has enriched and aided in my growth exponentially.


I didn’t go to university, I learnt by watching my dad and later, from having strong leadership role models. I’ve worked across various disciplines, from TV and film to heading up sales and strategy teams in a tech environment which is my happy place! My first role was a tech start-up; my creative, curious and determined nature lights up in these spaces. Innovation always inspires me.


Mary and I are passionate about our growth and truly enjoy watching others flourish. We constantly share stories, challenges, successes, recommendations and knowledge, encouraging others to thrive. Nerds to the core, we’d read books or complete a course and then immediately call the other to recite what we have learnt. This is exactly how The Women in Business Club was born. We knew it was time to build a community and network of women who inspire one another through shared knowledge; creating a safe space where ambition, confidence and personal growth can thrive. 




We can’t wait to learn and grow with you all on this journey.