About Mary

Hi, my name is Mary and I like books 🤓


In my early years, I wouldn't have considered myself a ‘fast learner’ in the traditional sense; my high school maths teacher once emphatically proclaimed; “Mary, you should drop maths and do home economics!”. Publicly embarrassed and frustrated, I made the mistake of believing her, consequently disregarding future investment towards improving with the subject.


It took me years to start believing in myself after feeling academically inadequate. As a young adult, I decided that I was going to work. Hard. Determined to understand not only what I was doing but taking the time to understand the why. I started to realise that for me to absorb information, I needed context. 


My professional journey thus far has taught me many things, these are my top three:

  • Understanding how you learn is critical 

  • Focus and discipline lead to successful execution 

  • Cultivate curiosity, it's an underrated superpower

At the Women in Business Book Club, our mission is to build a network of women who inspire one another through shared knowledge; creating a safe space where ambition, confidence, and personal growth can thrive. 


We’re creating a place that will foster excellence through peer learning as well as facilitate mentor/mentee relationships and networking. A place that amplifies the voice of the community. 

We hope you’ll add your voice to the community, it’s more valuable than you realise.