The Journey Back to Me

As a young, newly graduated professional, full of ambition and goals, never would I have known the twists and turns my life would take. The full circle journey I embarked on and my return to a key component of what makes me feel accomplished and fulfilled in this life, my professional career.

I’ve worked for both extremes, navigating through the corporate world as well as helping to build and grow small businesses. I had experienced healthy working environments and some less so. I knew my strengths and I knew what I did and did not enjoy, which in itself was a process.

I fell in love young and subsequently got married young. When we discussed children I fantasised about the type of doting mother I would be. The hands-on, 100% engaged with my child’s every sneeze, tantrum and milestone. My husband and I agreed that when we were ready to have children, I would be afforded the opportunity to stay home and raise them.

And so my motherhood journey began! An indescribable awakening of yourself. An instinctual intuition that you never knew existed. The highs, the lows, and all the routines in-between. But I did not feel that fulfilment that I have seen in so many other women who transitioned from I to us.

A dear ‘mom friend’, who I met through school, and I teamed up and started up our own digital agency. The opportunities that presented themselves to us sparked a light in me that had been dimmed for a long while. I thrived on our local ‘Women in Business’ networking brunches and other opportunities that afforded me the chance to share our service offerings. The business dealings, the ‘fake it till you make it’ motto I used to mutter under my breath, all fuelling the growing spark.

When I decided to take the leap back into corporate, it was quite a big adjustment for my family as a whole. My kids adapted quickly. Our new routines quickly turned into morning rituals. Earning a stable second income definitely had its benefits.

I didn’t realise for the longest time how lost in the world of ‘titles’ I had become. ‘Wife’, ‘Mom’. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I have a place back in society, I am Sarah again! I am not identified by my relationship with someone else. I am respected because of the work I bring to the table.

I am fulfilled once more and although not always easy, I am staying true and focused on my quest which is the journey back to me. Learning to identify, face and possibly the most challenging, fully love me and ensure the spark within me grows into the flame it deserves to be.

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